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Why List on Wills on Wheels

It's where the clients are:
Today, consumers use the internet to find services. If you're not on the internet, you're not in the marketplace. Wills on Wheels is where clients who need a Will meet lawyers who understand what "client-oriented practice" means.

Highest possible exposure:
Wills on Wheels gives you more internet exposure at a great price.

Motivated clientele:
The consumers who find Wills on Wheels are already thinking about getting a Will prepared. They're at a time in their lives when they start thinking seriously about their Will and estate. It could be due to their age, family situation, health or any other reason.

Whatever the reason, when people come to the Wills on Wheels website, they're looking for hard information—and probably shopping for a lawyer.

Why Should I Go to a Client's Home?

Go to the client before the client goes somewhere else!

Distinguish yourself in the busy marketplace of lawyers. But going to the client is more than just getting to them first. It also builds the cornerstone of a trusting relationship, which leads to other work. When a lawyer goes to a client's home it shows respect—they key to any trusting relationship. Clients who feel respected will be appreciative, and will show their appreciation with referrals and repeat business.

As every lawyer knows, small files attract larger files. One day you're at a client's home speaking about a Will, and next week the client calls you for estate work, family law or a real estate transaction.

How Do I Get Listed on Wills on Wheels?

Getting listed is easy. You can do it all from your computer.

First, become a member. All you have to do to qualify is to certify that you are a lawyer in good standing in your province and that you will go to a client’s home to prepare a Will.

If you qualify, you get a 12-month listing on Wills on Wheels for less than the your fee for a single Will. An annual listing costs only $395.00 and is subject to HST.

How Do I Do Wills on Wheels?

The same way you usually do when a client asks you to prepare his or her Will except the meeting takes place in the client's home.

  • You set your own fees. If you wish to charge a premium, that's up to you.
  • If you usually use junior lawyers, paralegals or other staff to assist at different stages of preparing a Will, then consider using them to assist when meeting at a client's home.
  • Consider bringing a laptop and portable printer with you for last minute changes and corrections.
  • It's a good idea to bring office accessories such as exhibit stamps, a stapler, extra paper, etc. Some lawyers have a briefcase with everything they need ('office in a bag') dedicated for Wills on Wheels service. That way, they don't forget anything or appear unorganized.
  • If there are difficulties in executing the Will such as an inability to find witnesses, consider asking your client to come to your office for the execution.
What About Witnesses?

Ask your client to arrange for the witnesses to be present for the execution of the Will. Most clients are happy to do this especially when they consider the convenient service you're providing. Explain to your client that the witnesses are not required to read the Will but must be prepared to attest to having seen them sign it.

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