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The Necessity of a Will
Read this article for answers to this important question that many people ask themselves.... Read More
If you don't have a Will, guess who decides who gets your property?... Read this article to find out more... Read More
Dealing with Wills is one of the oldest areas of our legal system. Unfortunately, it has become quite complicated over the years.... Read More
Preparing for the meeting with your lawyer is a wise move. It helps the lawyer give you the right advice and can save you money.... Read More
The Nuts and Bolts of a Will
Learn about the three types of wills and about Will Kits.... Read More
Believe it or not, you may not be the most important person in your Will. Learn about this important role and how you choose an executor.... Read More
Learn about the responsibilities of an Executor.... Read More
What does it mean to name someone as guardian for a child and who may be considered a "child".... Read More
Learn how to avoid family disputes with a good funeral and burial plan.... Read More
When you divide up your assets in your Will, sometimes it takes more than a calculator, learn how to handle special bequests and family heirlooms.... Read More
Learn the about the importance of storing a Will in a place where your Executor will find it.... Read More
This can be one of the most prickly questions when planning a Will. Consider your options.... Read More
Maximizing the Most Out of Your Will
Caring for minor or adult children with special needs is a big challenge for parents. Learn more in this article including about government disability programs and "Henson" Trusts.... Read More
Learn how a charitable donation in you Will can help offset a tax liability on your estate.... Read More
Learn how to use life insurance in your will to protect your loved ones' financial security.... Read More
Mental Incompetency While Living
What if you can't make decisions for yourself due to illness or injury? Learn how to be prepared and manage your affairs in event of unfortunate circumstances.... Read More
Estate Administration
Technically speaking, no. There aren't. But there's more to the story.... Read More
Learn about the proof you need in your role as an Executor or Estate Trustee.... Read More
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