Getting Ready To Meet Your Lawyer

Preparing for the meeting with your lawyer is a wise move. It helps the lawyer give you the right advice and can save you money.


Here is a list to get you started:

1. Get the details on everybody in your Will

Think about who could be your executor and, in case of his or her death, a back-up. You can discuss the pros and cons of the proposed candidates with your lawyer.


Think about your family members. Will they all be treated equally? Is anyone under a disability? Are there children?


Find out the correct names of the people in your Will. Is it Ann or Anne? Bob or Robert?

2. Make a list of what you and whom you owe it to

Make a list of your assets and liabilities. Jot down account numbers and make a note of whether the asset (your house or a bank account, for example) is yours alone or jointly held.


Do you want to name beneficiaries for any of the assets? If so, who are they?


Don’t forget any out-of-province property you may own. Special considerations may apply.


Remember, assets include everything in which you have an interest, including:


  • Cash
  • RRSPs
  • Life insurance
  • Investments
  • Real property
  • Your personal effects
  • Your business, if you own one 
3. Identify your goals

Sometimes giving away your property is simple:

“I want to give everything to my spouse, but if my spouse dies before me, I want to give everything to my children in equal shares.”


And sometimes it’s more difficult:

“I want to give everything to my spouse, but I also want to take care of my children from my first marriage.”

Make a list of your goals for your Will even if they appear contradictory. Your lawyer will help you sort everything out and set priorities.
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