Why Should I Use a Lawyer to Prepare My Will?

Dealing with Wills is one of the oldest areas of our legal system. Unfortunately, it has become quite complicated over the years.


A dangerous legal intersection


Nowadays, there are many different legal concepts and protections. When a person writes a Will today, it is like entering a busy legal traffic intersection, one where Wills and estate law, property law, tax law and family law all meet.


You might get through this intersection without an accident. But it’s better to leave the driving to someone else - an expert.


There are many hazards in drafting a Will. Before you create one, you need to ask yourself some key questions:


  • How do I provide for my minor children? 
  • My kids are over 18 but are still too young to inherit. What can I do? 
  • How can I reduce the taxes after I die so as not to burden my family? 
  • What happens if my executor dies before I do? 
  • I’m on my second marriage. What do I owe my children from my first marriage? 
  • Can my former spouse make a claim on my estate? 
  • My partner and I have been living common law for years. What rights do we have?


A lawyer knows the answers to all of these. He or she can provide you with options and advice on your best course of action.


How a lawyer can help


Lawyers can help you by:


  • Giving you advice on who can be your executor 
  • Making sure your Will respects the laws of your province 
  • Helping you write your Will in a way that ensures your wishes are carried out 
  • Providing advice on the potential tax consequences of your Will 
  • Helping you organize your affairs so your estate can be settled quickly and cheaply

Lawyers can also show you a few complex techniques to protect your money from creditors and taxation, including insurance trusts and spousal trusts.


Also, lawyers are required to carry errors and omissions insurance. If you prepare your own Will and make a mistake, there is no such insurance.

Why not just download a Wills kit from the Internet?

Simple. For the same reason you wouldn’t download a do-it-yourself guide on how to fix your furnace. The consequences of making a mistake are just too high. For more information on different kinds of Wills, click here.


Are lawyers expensive?


Not necessarily. All lawyers set their own prices for drafting a Will. The actual prices will vary.


More to the point, getting a lawyer to draft a formal Will is always cheaper than hiring one to clean up a legal mess created by a Will you prepared yourself. Spend a few hundred dollars now and make sure your family and children won’t be paying thousands after you pass on.


And perhaps the most important thing to remember: you can’t put a price on avoiding family turmoil.

Lawyers That Go To You!

All the lawyers listed at Wills on Wheels come to you.


You’re busy and have more entertaining things to do than plan for your death. It sure is a chore. But when you don’t have to leave your house it becomes much less of one. You’ll appreciate not having to pay for parking or a babysitter any more.


Finding a lawyer at Wills on Wheels is easy. Just click here and select one. You’ll pull up all his or her contact info, including a website link if available. Then, all you need to do is pick up the phone.

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