Where to Store A Will

Store your Will in a safe place—that's just stating the obvious. But many people forget that they should store a Will in a place that is accessible to the executor.


Problem: You need to keep your Will safe. So you keep it in a bank safe deposit box. It's secure from theft or fire. Sounds like a good idea, right?


Well, no. The bank is going to be reluctant to give the keys to someone who isn't you. And that's assuming your executor even knows it's there in the first place.


Here are two possible solutions.


Solution 1: Get a fireproof safe in your home.


Just remember to give your executor access to the safe. The executor must know where the Will is and how to get to it.


Solution 2 (best): Use a lawyer's storage facilities.


When you use a lawyer to prepare your Will, he or she will likely let you keep it in the office safe, usually at no charge. This not only keeps the Will safe, but also ensures that someone else will have access to it.


And don't worry about something happening to your lawyer: all lawyers are required to have succession plans, so your Will will always be safe.
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