About Us
Who We Are and What We Do

Wills on Wheels is a directory of lawyers across Canada who understand that clients come first. It offers the largest list in the world of lawyers who will go to a client's home to prepare a Will.

That is what makes us unique. At Wills on Wheels, we don't just ask lawyers to certify that they are in good standing in their province. They also have to agree to travel to clients' homes.

Wills on Wheels does not receive any referral fee or any portion of the fee you pay to a lawyer listed on our website. Wills on Wheels' entire revenue is generated from advertising and lawyer listings.

At Wills on Wheels, you pick your own lawyer from the list provided and communicate directly with him or her. Arranging appointments, settling legal fees, and so on—all of that is a private matter between you and your lawyer.

Wills on Wheels was founded in 2009 by Ottawa lawyer Patrick O'Rourke.

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